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7. Dallas Mavericks (26 12): The Mavericks have won seven out of their past 11 games since the addition of Rajon Rondo, who provides them with a defensive minded point guard who can play against the plethora of premier points in the West. Offense remains Dallas calling card however, as they continue to boast the [...]

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bolstering the pass rush a point of emphasis for ravens entered the North American market in 2002, offering models for youth as well as sports and utility models. Is also a maker of snowmobiles. In 1985, became the first company in North America to manufacture ATVs. Stories of shock therapy. I was stocked repeatedly by [...]

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While I love music, books and trashy television, my big passion is film, and I enjoy sharing that passion at every available opportunity. Occasionally I leave darkened movie theatres (otherwise known as my second home) to review the latest cinematic offerings. Hear my film review on Saturday mornings from 7.15 or on Tuesdays on the [...]

Roosevelt was the first American president to be transported

Matt York/FDR First Airborne US President President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is seen on board a Boeing 314 Clipper aircraft returning to the United States after the Casablana Conference, circa 1945. Roosevelt was the first American president to be transported by aircraft, starting in 1943. Air Force in Dayton, Ohio, became the first official presidential airplane [...]

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Included in this is a robe and a chemise that matches. On the back of the robe is a heart cut out with lace material over it. The nice thing about this lace is that it is soft, so not annoying, like lace can normally be. Still, current and former administration officials familiar with the [...]

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